Jakubowski’s firm has existed since 1984. It puproses are to tune the pipe organs, intoning, to assemble and making renovations.It's also the company with family tradition. Krzysztof’s great grandfather (he was building and doing organs renovations since 1900), the grandfather(worked as an organbuilder since 1920)

and the father(since 1946) were organbuilders too, and it is very possible that this profession was made by the other ancestors.

So the present owner had the best preparation to his profession and now he is teaching his son all these things he had learnt before.

          Krzysztof‘s father was learning organbuilder profession in the famous company of Biernaccy brothers. After that he passed all his knowledge on to his sons: Krzysztof and Miroslaw working in the Truszczyński company. Krzysztof has been learning new profession since 1960 working with his father, watching and helping with organs building and renovations. He started to work in Tryszczyński company in 1970 where he got the title of Master in 1983 and after that he opened up his own company in 1984.

          He prepares organs to concerts especially in Bielsko Biała. He is also a member of All Craft Guild in Żywiec.

          Czesław Jakubowski, Krzysztof’s grandfather, was building the organs in Lwów, in the Saint Elizabeth’s Church, which was found by Polish railwaymen. He was also working in Poznań, in the "Sun" cinema, while all the movies were presented in a silent way. The photos which are above were made in 1950-1952, when he worked in Cathedral in Wrocław.